Action Aerobatics Pty Ltd has become amalgamated with the Royal Newcastle Aero Club. Phil Unicomb is now Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor of the R.N.A.C. All of the Action Aerobatics flights and services are still being conducted by Captain Phil but now under the larger banner of the famous R.N.A.C. For more information, please visit

Action Aerobatics Pty Ltd was founded in 1992 and since that time we have thrilled thousands of customers with our fantastic range of adventure flights and have also been responsible for conducting first class advanced flight training.

Our advanced training focuses on Emergency Manoeuvre Training (EMT) courses which are courses in defensive flying as well as our other specialities, aerobatic training from basic recreational aerobatics through to advanced national championship level. We also specialise in formation flying training and tail wheel undercarriage endorsements.

Take a gentle cruise over the beautiful Hunter Valley and surrounds or experience the ultimate in aerobatics in our fabulous Pitts Special Biplanes - the Ferrari of the sky.

Captain Phil Unicomb is the chief pilot, chief flying instructor and managing director of Action Aerobatics Pty Ltd. Phil is well known and respected in the Aviation Industry and has over 35 years of flying experience and has accumulated over 14000 hours.

Action Aerobatics - the Pitts specialists in Australia.

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